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Owner Shane Hendershot is no stranger to the sounds of the wild turkey. In 1999, Shane entered his first calling contest in the amateur division and went home with a first place trophy..... and that was all it took to be hooked! He continued calling in several small contests until 2006 when he landed a spot on the Grand National Stage amongst a group of 50 + of the best callers competing from all over the United States. Making the cut  (the top 12) for his first time in the contest was a huge feat. Going back in 2007, only his second time competing at that level he brought home the title of NTWF GRAND NATIONAL CALLING CHAMPION!!!!. Since then Shane has continued to dominate the competition and has won a total of 11 GNCC trophies including 2 Senior Open Championships, the first ever Head -to-Head competition winner and numerous top five finishes. Shane was also the 2008 World Turkey Calling Champion and has recently set a new record for Ohio State Calling Championship with 11 consecutive wins from 2006 to 2016. 

In 2011, Taking his knowledge of turkey language and the ability to reproduce realistic turkey sounds , Shane started Hendershot Game Calls. Our company prides itself on creating and making some of the best and easiest to use diaphragm calls as well as custom made  friction calls. Every mouth call is hand stretched and cut by Shane himself and he turns each of the friction calls on a wood lathe to ensure the quality and consistency he strives for. With Hendershot Game Calls you get competition quality sound at an everyday hunters price!!!!

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